The ReSync Method


A Revolution in Fitness

Samir is dedicated to creating a better, healthier society through his revolutionary training method. While working as Fitness Director at Ballys, Samir educated thousands of clients and hundreds of trainers and noticed an increasing number of people who were injuring themselves at the gym, despite the supervision of professional personal trainers—he knew there needed to be change in the way fitness training was conducted. This lead Samir to develop the ReSync Method so that anyone would be able to effectively train without the risks associated with machine-based training regiments.


Simple and Effective

The power of the ReSync Method comes from its simplicity—you use your own body and little else. Every muscle in the body can be trained by the body’s own movement and natural resistance, which makes the ReSync Method a perfect option for anyone who doesn’t want to spend hours in the gym or invest in costly and heavy machines. And since the ReSync Method utilizes the body’s natural resistance, it is ideal for couples, friends and families who want to spend time together working out.

Clients and trainers who have experienced the ReSync Method have consistently touted the method as indisputably more effective than traditional gym training because it utilizes muscle synchronicity, functionality, and basic exercises.

The ReSync Method has been proven not only by athletes and advanced clients, but also by clients newer to training and even those with limited range of motion and mobility. Very often, professional athletes have increased their performance while training under Samir because the ReSync Method allows them to push their bodies to their full potential without overdoing it, as they are controlled by their own body restrictions.

By using the synchronization of the body’s muscles, the ReSync Method effectively improves:

  • Strength
  • Strength endurance
  • Cardio
  • Flexibility
  • Balance

And, best of all, the ReSync method connects all these components into one very simple, very effective, fun workout.