Your body is your fitness center.

Beyond toning and shaping the entire body, the ReSync Method of training has been proven to be one of the most innovative and effective ways to increase health, vitality, strength, flexibility, and balance. Through calculated, natural movements and normal ranges of motion, the ReSync Method is able to completely transform the body and mind.

The key to the ReSync Method is that every movement in each exercise focuses on the body’s natural movement. The ReSync Method duplicates the muscle groups worked by traditional gym machines using the body’s own resistance instead. Samir’s revolutionary Method features exercises that work better than any machine and reduce the risk of injury by over 30%.

By mimicking natural body movements, anyone training under the ReSync Method should notice improved efficiency when performing day-to-day tasks.

Individualized training for superior results.

As a trainer, Samir utilizes and tailors the ReSync Method for individual workout programs based on his clients’ specific fitness needs and goals. The ReSync Method is more than just a physical workout. Part of its effectiveness comes from the fact that Samir bases his individualized training programs on physical as well as mental and cultural factors. Before the ReSync training begins, Samir and his team examine their client’s age, gender, genetics, physical abilities, medical history, habits, cultural background, personality, and personal goals before the sessions begin.