Featured on the Washington Post:
Are these the 10 most fit religious leaders in the U.S.?

Featured in the LA Times:
Who are the fittest world leaders?

Featured in the San Francisco Chronicle:
10 Veggies to Eat Now

"You will quickly deduce he is a man who means business. Becic’s resume reads like a list of Billboard #1 hits"

-The Washington Times

"Bosnian-born personal trainer takes holistic approach"

-Houston Chronicle

"The idea is to fight the war on obesity in a very positive way"

-Samir in The Huffington Post

"Samir Becic is one of the top fitness experts in the US"

-Men's Journal

"Samir Becic is the best trainer in the world"

-Rudy Tomjanovich

Two-time NBA Championship coach of the Houston Rockets
and former US Olympic Basketball coach

"Samir was named 4 times
#1 Fitness Trainer in the world and 4 times in the US."

-Bally Total Fitness (2000-2003)

The largest health and fitness organization in the world from 1983-2007



Samir Becic will share his excitement and expertise to motivate, inspire, and change people's lives for the better. Samir’s charisma and enthusiasm

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